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Misty Coast (NO) & Benz

Misty Coast

Misty Coast is the dream pop child of Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust (known from the Norwegian noise rock act The Megaphonic Thrift). September 2017 they released their critically acclaimed debut album, and was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Awards. The Bergen based duo is now ready with their sophomore album, which the band themselves describe as their Berlin rebel album. All songs were written during a two months stay in Schoneberg, the winter of 2018, and you can almost smell the smoky beer joints and the ice‑cold exhaust. The songs revolve around strong guitar hooks, groovy, distorted bass lines and catchy, dreamy vocals. This is the rebellious little sister of Cocteau Twins and The Magnetic Fields!

While their debut album was based on minimalism and static, programmed drum beats, Kim Åge Furuhaug’s (Orion's Belte, Great News, Bloody Beach) wild and tasteful drumming is highly present in their latest recordings. As producer Matias Tellez (Young Dreams) describes it: "This album makes me want to go out and kick things!"

Misty Coast’s as‑yet‑unnamed album is to be released on Brilliance Records/Moorworks January 25, 2019.

“One of the most interessting bands in Norway at the moment (...) It’s just brilliant ‑ shiny, clean, raw rough and noisy at the same time” ‑ Eardrums Music

“(...)the most innovative album of the year” ‑ We are Nordic (...)their self‑titled debut is another of this year's finest long players." ‑ Drowned in Sound

“The duo’s self‑titled debut is a sugared swimming pool of opium tincture crystalline” ‑ The Arts Desk


Ebba Salomonsson växte upp i skivaffären Vaxkupan i Norrköping och har på så sätt alltid haft en nära relation till musik. Under tonåren spelade hon i band och det var inte förrän hon hamnade i Malmö som soloakten började ta form.

Benz blev ett sätt för Salomonsson att bearbeta och reflektera över saker som hade hänt henne och andra i hennes närhet. I hennes musik kombineras smutset från indierocken med det mjuka från folk och singer songwriter genren. Under 2017 gick hon i studion med ett par vänner och spelade in debut EP:n ‘Erazor’ som kommer i början av 2019 på Better Call Rob.