Heaven Up Here 2022-02-25
fre 25 februari 2022 20:00–01:00

Rotem Geffen & Astrel K

DJ: Compact Disc Jockey + Anna Drvnik

Rotem Geffen

Rotem Geffen’s debut record, You Guard the Key, draws from the playful sensibilities of stripped-down, piano-driven songwriting and free jazz wrapped in the dark, aromatic undercurrents of the surreal.

Swedish singer, pianist, and composer Nelly Klayman-Cohen, using the moniker Rotem Geffen, adds both refined and ruffled edges to her dreamy world of experimental pop. She plays the piano and sings in English and Hebrew, together with some of Stockholm’s finest improvisers: Isak Hedtjärn, clarinet (IH3, Viagra Boys, Fire! Orchestra); Milton Öhrström, synth (Sol Tors Taverna, Urban:Dentist, Honeywolf); and Vilhelm Bromander, bass (Joe Davolaz, Lisa Ullen, Fredrik Rasten).

You Guard the Key was released in October 2021 on Zeon Light. Vinyls and cassettes will be available at the show.

Astrel K

Astrel K (aka Rhys Edwards of band Ulrika Spacek) performs songs from soon to be released debut album. The London/Stockholm based musician started work on his first solo record upon moving to Stockholm and has since comprised a group of Stockholm based musicians (including Lili Holényi, Milton Öhrström, Nelly Klayman-Cohen, Niklas Mellberg, Tomas Hellberg) to record and perform live. The music takes influence from avant-garde pop, experimental rock and film soundtracks, and is sonically reminiscent of Spiritualized, Broadcast, Grandaddy, Stereolab, Sparklehorse and Portishead.

Debut single 'You Could If You Can' was released last year by Stereolab's 'Duophonic Super 45s' label and was followed by a live streamed performance from Cirkus arena, Stockholm. The album is scheduled to be released April 2022.